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  • Did you grow up in a safe, healthy and loving environment? Did you have someone you could turn to when you had trouble in school?  Trouble with your friends?  Was someone there to provide a comforting hug when you needed it most?  We hope you did, but not all children are so fortunate.
  • At the Brigade Boys & Girls Club many of our kids come from difficult family circumstances.  In New Hanover County more than 72% qualify for free school lunch because of their low family income.  The Brigade’s mission is to serve all kids, especially those who need us most.
  • Our Club offers a safe, educational, fostering environment.  We supply all of the ingredients to support and inspire under-served and at-risk to lead successful, healthy and fulfilling lives. Your gift of $100, $500, $1,000, or more can make the difference between a youth staying in school or dropping out; joining the Brigade or joining a gang; being responsible or breaking the law.
  • You can be responsible for spurring life-altering changes in the lives of Our Kids.

Did you know that every afternoon in the U.S. more than 15 MILLION youth

leave school with no place to go?

In our area one in five youth live in poverty and one in five youth

will not graduate from high school.